About Me

About Me

Most of the time you will see the heading as “About Us” but in my case that Us is Me. I generally do work of individual or very small some time one man show at the other end too to provide the IT related services like web site design and hosting setup, electronic digital marketing, search engine optimization, server maintenance the rest of the blah blah and blah. I specialize in the following areas:

  • Network (Setup/Administration)
  • Intranet/Extranet Development
  • Database (Open source only)
  • Linux Systems maintenance and system task automation
  • Customized Content Management System
  • Amazon EC2/Cloud Computing
  • Website Design(Simple) and Development(Focused more on this)
  • Open source technologies

I am very confident in providing services and provide a fast, reliable and comprehensive services and believe that you will be completely satisfied.


There is no such thing called “Unlimited”, even our life has a limit so do not get into this when somebody says that you will get unlimited bandwidth or unlimited space or emails etc. Just get what your requirements are. Clearly ask following questions to yourself and get the clear picture.

  • How much web space you need?
  • How much bandwidth you need?
  • How many emails, database etc?

If you do not want to do get into all the technical details and leave some body else to do it as this is not your core business then I am always there to advice and setup all these for you of-course with a little fee.
So if you need my help please use the contact me link and see the various option you have to contact me!