IT Support

My focus is on a small individual entrepreneurs who do specialize in their trades but lack the expertise in the area of IT. So this services are for them. I can do anything from providing the professional hand when you need it for affordable fee and sometimes the rapid response you need for the task you have in hand.

Web Presence

Now days every one even if you are tiny corner shop or one person company you need a web presences. it’s kind of having an address for your business only difference is now you need internet address. Where any user who is searching of find services which you happen to provide then in this scenario you need to have a Web Presence.

 Cloud Computing

Have you heard about the latest mantra in technology called Cloud Computing. That’s right ne pioneer in this tech is Amazon, yep the largest online book seller has become a technology giant giving it’s own technology for services. The best part is you can get the first year free. Just sign up

Open source Technologies

Most of the times rather it’s 99% we can solve our issues/problems by using the wonderful Open Source Technologies. Either it’s database, webpages creation, blogs, shopping carts, CRM, ERP you name it and solutions are there. So it’s possible that you do not need to have huge amount of money to pay for the license. They are open source so you can install, configure, customize to your liking etc.

If you need any help regarding the above please use the contact me  form and you wil get a response from me.